Warriors remember the past to shape the future

Round 6 of the Big V will see the Maccabi Warriors remember those who have come before them in an act to end injustices of hate crimes.

Each year, coinciding with Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Centre partners with Maccabi Victoria to take time to remember the six million Jews who perished in World War 2 at the hands of the Nazis Рthe Holocaust. 

For the month of April, Maccabi clubs across Melbourne take part in remembering and educating. The Maccabi Warriors Big V teams are no exception. 

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom HaShoah) this year, the Jewish Holocaust Centre is partnering with Maccabi Australia to remember the victims of the Holocaust and remind ourselves that the only thing separating them from us is time. 

The campaign theme ‚ÄúJust Like You‚Ä̬†emphasises¬†that survivors of the Holocaust, alongside friends and families who didn‚Äôt survive, were just like us.¬†

Maccabi Warriors delegate, Susannah Swiatlo, said this annual round is all about education of past wrongdoings with the intention to correct the future. 

‚ÄúIt reminds people that these¬†Maccabi¬†members, of all ages who were murdered for being Jewish,¬†loved to play,¬†participate and watch sport,‚ÄĚ explained¬†Swiatlo.¬†

“Taking this time before Big V games each year to remember is important to the Maccabi and Jewish Community,  

‚ÄúEven more so we feel it is our obligation and essential to raise awareness to the wider community to¬†send the message NEVER AGAIN,¬†never¬†again¬†should¬†atrocities¬†like this¬†occur,¬†to anyone.‚Ä̬†

With Maccabi’s remembrance round falling on ANZAC Day this season, Swiatlo said it is the perfect opportunity to have a day dedicated to remembering all.  

“As this weeks game also happens to fall on ANZAC Day, we will be having a dual commemoration paying respect to both the ANZACS whilst remembering the six million Jews who perished, 

‚ÄúMaccabi Warriors¬†appreciates that the Big V¬†annually schedules a home game¬†enabling us the opportunity to Remember, Commemorate and Raise Awareness.‚Ä̬†¬†

Maccabi Warriors’ Division Two Men and Youth League Two Men will compete against the Whittlesea Pacers on Sunday 25 April from 1.15pm at the Gringlas Sports Centre with proceedings occurring prior to tip-off.  

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