Wallan Youth League Women’s tryouts

Wallan is set to host its Youth League Women’s tryouts this week!

*** Happy New Year! Reminder – not too long until Women’s Youth League Tryouts!****

Wallan Basketball 2021 Women’s Youth League has the Green Light! ***

WBI are pleased to announce that Wallan Panthers have provisional acceptance into the 2021 Women’s Youth league competition structure.

This means we are going to attempt to build a team based on the interests we receive at tryouts.

This is a great opportunity and pathway to senior basketball for our talented female players aged 15-23.

Attendance at tryouts will be a determining factor in us progressing to the season.

Tryout Dates are as follows:

Wednesday 6/1 at 7pm
Sunday 10/1 at 4pm
Wednesday 13/1 at 7pm

All tryouts will take place at RB Robson Stadium Court 2,
48 Bentinck St Wallan.

For any questions please email wallanbasketball@gmail.com.
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