Positions Vacant: Youth League Men’s & Women’s Head Coaches

The Western Port basketball Association is currently recruiting for the position of Head Coach for their Youth League Men’s & Women’s teams for the Big V 2020 season.

The Western Port Basketball Association (WPBA) has a proud history and is continually striving to be a Big V force on the Mornington Peninsula. The Western Port Big V program is currently made up of four teams – Big V Men, Big V Women, Youth Men and Youth Women. Due to this, the Big V Coaches need to have a holistic view of the program and understand that he/she is not only coaching for today but have a clear view on the future by working to develop athletes and coaches in the U18 and U21 teams.

Youth League Head Coach’s primary duties:

To work under the guidance of the Senior Big V Coach whilst providing positive leadership, management, direction and coaching of WPBA’s youth teams throughout 2020.  Effective player liaison and communications, including player recruitment of junior WPBA players.  Assist with the identification, development and promotion of WPBA juniors consistent with their potential to play at the highest available level, providing input and Liaison with WPBA director of coaching.

The successful candidate will demonstrate the following skills and attributes:

  • NCAS Level One Accreditation or equivalent experience.

  • Demonstrated history, knowledge and understanding at the desired level in basketball with a passion to develop these skills further.

  • Ability to lead, train and communicate with players in a disciplined, professional and informative manner.

  • Work effectively with key stakeholders.

  • Attend all training sessions, games and tournaments.

  • Recruitment of both senior and junior players for the Big V squads.

  • Work closely with the Senior team coach and meet on a regular basis at a mutually agreed time to discuss the program and suggest ways to improve it.

  • Strong communications skills.

  • Share coaching philosophies and knowledge.

  • Adhere to the Basketball Victoria Codes of Conduct and relevant Big V policies.

  • Adhere to the Western Port Big V Program Policies to ensure the achievement of desired outcomes.

Remuneration for the position(s) is negotiable.

Resumes and written applications of interest are to be forwarded in confidence to the Senior Representative Committee via email; snrrep@wpba.com.au.  Applications close Monday 30th September, 2019.
Please note that not all applicants will be contacted.

If you have any queries regarding this position, please contact the Senior Representative Committee at snrrep@wpba.com.au.

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