Big V Player Profile: Corey Roos

Welcome to our series of Big V Player Profiles! This week we chat to Casey YL1M star, Corey Roos.

Despite still being a teenager, Corey Roos is a Cavalier through and through.

From taking up basketball at the age of eight after filling in for a friend’s team when they were short, Roos has only known Casey as his basketball home, having played for the Cavs since starting at bottom age 14s.

Initially after catching the basketball bug, Roos said he loved the game as he loved any sport that combined running with ball skills.  Now, however, he says it’s his passion for the game that keeps him coming back week after week.

“When I came to an age where Mum said ‘You can only play one sport’,…well she didn’t like footy that much,” Roos laughed at recalling how basketball became a bit more than just a hobby for him.

When recalling his career highlight to date, Roos says it was when he was in top age 14s and was selected to compete in the National Championships, where his team placed fifth.

“That season overall was outstanding,” he reiterated.

2019 is a busy one for Roos. Not only is it the 17-year-old playing his second year of Big V Youth League with the Cavs, but he is also currently completing Year 12, as well as reffing for younger divisions in his free time. This might seem like a lot of commitment during his final year of schooling, but Roos does it all with one eye firmly on the future.

“I definitely want to play [basketball] for as long as I can,” Roos said, “[but] someday I also want to share my knowledge through coaching children.”

“[In terms of playing] I haven’t planned for anything specifically,” Roos continued, “but I would love to have the opportunity to play basketball through the [Senior] Men’s program, or even [the] NBL.”

“I love to win,” Roos elaborated when asked about his motivation, “[so I’m inspired by] people that know how to win, like Tim Duncan, Magic Johnson…I’m a very competitive individual.”

When asked if there was anything else we needed to know about Roos, he had just this one little tidbit to share with us; “I don’t play any fines in the Youth League team at the moment…but I think that will change next season now!”

Looks like the Cavs don’t only have a gun player on their hands, but a potential revenue raiser too…!

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