Player In Focus – Samantha Labros


“My earliest basketball memory was when I was around five years old,” Labros said. “My family had just got a basketball ring and we were all outside shooting, 

“To get anywhere near the ring, my dad had to lift me on his shoulders.” 


Many a highlight to her name, including the 2019 Gippsland CBL (Country Basketball League) title and All-Star Five, Top Scorer and Most Valuable Player awards, Labros is now shaping the future of Big V’s newest women’s team – the RMIT Redbacks.  

As the inaugural vice-captain for RMIT’s Division Two Women, it is now Labros’ shoulders set to carry her team, with the direction from captain Alana Ellis.  

“It’s a privilege to be making history and to be a part of RMIT’s inaugural women’s team,” Labros exclaimed. 

“I feel pretty lucky to be vice-captain as I have limited experience in leadership positions, however working alongside Alana Ellis has been an amazing experience to help guide the girls to being the best we can be as a team, 

“RMIT’s spirit and culture is like no other – the men and women are like a family, both on and off the court, and it is an amazing feeling to be part of something like that.” 


Labros grew up playing squad basketball for Traralgon across her junior years and competed in the VJBL (Victorian Junior Basketball League) for Latrobe Energy basketball.  

She started playing women’s CBL at 15 years old. Since then, Churchill, Traralgon and Moe have all benefited from her playing abilities. 

At the age of 20, Labros had played 100 Big V Division One games.  

“I started playing Division One in the Big V league for Latrobe Energy at 16 years old in 2015 and played there for five years, up until this year when I decided to move to RMIT, 

“I play Big V purely because I love the sport and it is something I have always been passionate about, 

“I would love to be able to share my passion, knowledge and love for the game with others one day.” 


A humble, hard worker, you’d think Labros’ fondest memories in basketball would encompass some of her great accolades… well, you’d be wrong. 

In spite all her statistical and on court success, it’s simple moments with teammates she holds closest. 

“The banter amongst our teammates is good which our whole team gets involved in, 

“Although there is one issue. Mia Collier thinks she’s pretty funny when she’s really not, so we have to tell her to calm down sometimes to put the rookie back into place.” 

Putting people back in their place an apparent habit of Labros, as she chuckled to a basketball memory of the past. 

“Casey Sherriff running down the court backwards to defend someone and tripping over thin air, now that was a good one. She still states to this day it’s the reason she retired to play football.” 


Heading into Round 8 of the 2021 Big V season, the Redbacks stand four wins and four losses. According to Labros, it’s still early days. 

“I think our team will continue to grow and develop as the season goes on and I am hoping that we can make it to finals!” 



Samantha Labros had to answer these five questions as fast as he could. How did she go? 

Go to post match snack? CHOCOLATE 
Current song on repeat? The RMIT theme song – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough 
Best dad joke? I can’t think of one, I’m not old enough for that yet 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 
Netflix choice? Brooklyn Nine-Nine 
Finish the sentence – nothing is better than…. The Redback Culture 


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