Player in Focus: Jake Martin

Jake Martin says there are two qualities that make him the competitor he is – loyalty and respect.

“I’m a fierce competitor that plays with his head on his shoulders, 

“I want to win at all costs, and I pride myself on being a teammate.” 

Despite Martin first holding a basketball at nine months old, it wasn’t until his years at College that the sport really took hold of his life.  

Now, five years since first receiving an offer to play basketball in Melbourne, the tall forward known for his sports headband collection has competed on three continents and made a name for himself on the Big V stage.  

“My journey with basketball has been kind of wild to say the least,” Martin said. 

I started off at a Junior College in Chicago for my first two years of study before getting transferred to Luther College in Iowa.” 

After playing for two years with Luther at the NCAA Division 3 level, Martin moved to Minneapolis to work towards a career as an IT recruiter. It soon became clear that Martin had unfinished business when it came to the opportunities from basketball. 

got an offer to come out to Australia about five years ago now, so I decided to drop everythingmove my life and roll the dice after turning it down the year before, 

Fast forward five years later, I’m playing all around Australia and in Europe, having an absolute blast and one-of-a-kind learning experience at the same time. 

Martin’s first official season in the Big V was in 2019 with the Hume City Broncos.  

It’s a year he still holds as one of his biggest achievements in basketball. 

“Getting into the Championship Grand Final series with the Broncos last season, now that was something, 

“It hurt to lose but we went through a lot to get there and to come back in the Semi-Finals after getting smacked by Hawthorn in the first home game,  

“To me, it highlighted what the word adversity means, and we went on to win our next two in a row before falling short to McKinnon.” 


In his first Big V season, Martin took out the team MVP with the Hume City Broncos. 

Six months later, he was receiving another MVP award, this time with Hungary’s Tiszaujvarosi team in Europe. 

My personal biggest achievement was winning the MVP of the league in Hungary last year, 

“My time in Budapest was amazing as I played two seasons there in the Big V off-season’s and even scored 45 points in one game there – a moment I won’t forget soon. 

It is very physical and a different type of game for sure, but it taught me a lot of toughness and really made me take my game to the next level as a scorer facilitator. 

Martin said he is hoping to transfer his talents from Budapest to the Big V 2021 season. 


Despite missing the first round of the season due to quarantine requirements in Sydney, Martin believes he and his “Broncos buddies” are ready to earn their title in Championship Men’s this year. 

“I’ve come back to the Big V solely because of my coach, Matt Foster, and the organisation as a whole,” Martin said. 

“I wouldn’t play with any other team besides Hume City in the Big V, they run the club so well and always take care of me. 

“There’s only one thing on our mind this 2021 season, and that’s a Championship coming back to the Broadmeadows case!” 

Martin will look to make his Big V league return this weekend when Hume City host Blackburn Vikings in Round 2 of the 2021 Big V season. 



Jake Martin had to answer these five questions as fast as he could. How did he go? 

Go to post match snack? Gatorade 

Current song on repeat? Lemon Pepper Freestyle, Drake 

Best dad joke? How is life like toilet paper? You’re either on a roll or taking crap from someone! 

Netflix choice? The Last Dance 

Finish the sentence – nothing is better than…. The beach 


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