How can I join a Big V team?

To join a Big V team, you have to have successfully been selected by an Association to play for their respective Big V team(s). The six (6) senior divisions are open to all ages (14+), while the six (6) youth divisions are open to participants 23 years of age and under (you cannot turn 24 at any stage of the year you play). Big V Associations generally hold tryouts or open scrimmage sessions which can take place anywhere between October and December, most of these sessions are publicised via the Big V website, the Association’s website and the Association’s social media channels.

For international players, unrestricted players (which can also be referred to as ‘imports’) are only permitted to play in the senior divisions. You have to be selected by an Association be it via previous contact and signing a contract, or being selected via the tryout/open scrimmage process. The league office cannot provide playing opportunities to international players, this is directly through the Associations. 

Where can I find my past season statistics?

Select the year you played here; select the competition you played in and then click on the team you played for. From there, select ‘view all’ under the roster tab. You can then view all of the players on that team and view these statistics.

What are the season dates?

2021 Calendar

How do the finals work and what does the competition look like?

2021 Competition Structure

2021 Finals Structure

Finals Qualification Requirements

How do I register for Big V? How can I go from one club to another?

Player Registration Form

Coach & Team Manager Registration Form

Big V Clearance Form & Information – to be submitted by your Destination Association

What are the uniform requirements in Big V?

Big V Uniform Guidelines

Big V Uniform Rules Diagram

Big V Uniform Rule variations to FIBA

I am 16 years old and playing Big V, do I need to fill any extra documentation out?

Big V Under Age Indemnification Form

Big V Foreign Born Player Approval Procceses

Foreign Born Player approval processes