Where can I find my statistics?

Find your competition you currently play in here; select the team you play for and then select ‘view all’ under the roster tab. You can then view all of the players on your current team and view these statistics.

Where can I find my past season statistics?

Select the year you played here; select the competition you played in and then click on the team you played for. From there, select ‘view all’ under the roster tab. You can then view all of the players on that team and view these statistics.

Why are my statistics missing (or partially missing)?

There are multiple reasons your statistics may not be showing from a particular game (or period of time), these are (but not limited to):

    • You are not registered (or have not registered successfully).
    • You were added manually to the game statistics by the statisticians.
  • You currently have a duplicate account within the database (SportsTG) that needs to be fixed/merged.

If you notice that statistics are missing, please contact your Association/Association’s delegate to follow this up with the competition staff.

When does the fixture get released?

The yearly Big V fixture gets released around mid-late February. Your Association will be the first to know and therefore will be your first point of contact upon release. Public release of the yearly fixture is late February-early March and is made available via www.bigv.com.au.

When are the finals (dates)?

The finals dates (and all other dates of the year) can be found via our annual calendar. Each division has a specific finals structure, which can vary in length, the current finals structure for each division can be found here.

How can I join a Big V team?

To join a Big V team, you have to have successfully been selected by an Association to play for their respective Big V team(s). The six (6) senior divisions are open to all ages (14+), while the six (6) youth divisions are open to participants 23 years of age and under (you cannot turn 24 at any stage of the year you play). Big V Associations generally hold tryouts or open scrimmage sessions which can take place anywhere between October and December, most of these sessions are publicised via the Big V website, the Association’s website and the Association’s social media channels.

For international players, unrestricted players (which can also be referred to as ‘imports’) are only permitted to play in the senior divisions. You have to be selected by an Association be it via previous contact and signing a contract, or being selected via the tryout/open scrimmage process. The league office cannot provide playing opportunities to international players, this is directly through the Associations.

How do I register to my team?

After you have successfully been selected for your Association’s Big V team, you can register by following the prompts via the registration portal.

Do I need a clearance?

For all information surrounding clearances, please click here.

How many games do I need to play to qualify for finals?

Taken from ruling 5.5 in the Big V’s Rules of Operation:

5.5 Finals qualification

(a)  To be eligible to play in the finals a player must have played a minimum percentage of games for the Association’s respective team in that season. For the purpose of this clause:

  1. For the player development stream the minimum percentage is 30%;
  1. For the Association elite stream the minimum percentage is 40%;
  1. A game played shall be credited if the player’s name appears in the statistics file transmitted to the League and have more than 0.00 in their minutes played column.

(b)  When calculating player’s games played and where the number is not a whole number, then the number will be rounded up to the next whole number e.g. 19.1 goes to 20;

(c)  A player, who due to injury/illness fails to quality for the Big V finals under Rule 5.5 (a), may apply in writing to Big V at least fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the finals for that division for permission to play in the finals. Applications subsequent to that timeline may only request consideration of injury/illness, which has occurred within the fourteen (14) day period prior to the start of that division finals. This is subject to the player having already played 4 games during the current season.

In considering any application the Competitions Manager shall have regard only to two criteria:

  1. Whether the player is a bona-fide player for the team as indicated by the player being registered and assigned to the team prior to the date of injury/illness or commencement of the season;
  1. The validity of the injury or illness preventing the player from otherwise qualifying to play as indicated by submission of a medical certificate with dates the player was medically unfit to play from a suitably qualified medical practitioner.

(d)  If an Association is found to have played an ineligible player in any finals game that team will immediately forfeit that game. The matter will be referred to the Competitions Manager for further action as may be determined appropriate in circumstances, including but not limited to a fine, penalty, or forfeit final series.

For 2019, more information for each Association’s team can be found here.

When is the Big V Awards Night?

The Big V Awards Night date can be found via the Annual Calendar.

How can I purchase tickets to the Big V Awards Night?

Your first point of contact in regards to purchasing tickets to the Big V Awards Night is your Association, who may have a selection of tickets to purchase. If your Association does not have any tickets for you to purchase, the Big V homepage will have a direct link to purchase tickets to the event once they are available to the public (approximately available early August)

What is the dress code for team officials?

All team staff shall be required to dress in a way that clearly distinguishes them as part of the team and from other game night staff. Individuals should be recognisable as much for how they appear as what they wear.

The best description of the standard for non-playing staff would be business casual. The best description for playing staff would be playing uniform.

The practical implications of this are:

Coaches and Officials:

Coaches must wear a collared shirt. If this is a polo shirt then it must be a club branded polo. During cold weather it is understandable that this will be covered by a jacket of some type, and the jacket must be either a club tracksuit jacket or other jack that fits the general description of business casual wear.

Denim, shorts or tracksuit pants are not acceptable for Coaches and their Assistants.

Shoes must be clean and tidy. Basketball shoes or other runners are not acceptable.

Team Managers:

Recognising that Team Managers have differing responsibilities this standard can be modified slightly.

A team manager may wear a club tracksuit provided it is the same colour as the warm up tracksuit for the players and that it is a full tracksuit, matching top and bottom. The tracksuit top must carry club branding.

If the Team Manager is wearing a tracksuit, then runners are permissible.

Obviously in warmer weather a tracksuit bottom and club polo shirt are suitable.

Other Team Staff:

Other team staff, physiotherapists, doctors etc must comply with the standard for Coaches. Any non-playing individuals wishing to be part of the team bench must dress to these standards. If they do not, they should be seated as spectators, not as part of the team.

Squad Players:

Squad players not participating in the game may suit with the team provided they are dressed to the same standard as the Coaching staff or in a full team tracksuit as per the team manager. If they are not dressed to this standard, they should be spectators.


The league shall fine a club $100.00 per person for any breach of these standards.