Finals Flashbacks launching this week!

Missing your weekly dose of Big V? We’ve got you covered with some blasts from the past!

Starting Wednesday 17th June, you will be able to rewatch and relive some of the best Grand Final series from the last decade of Big V competition. 


All the glories, buzzer beater wins and unbelievable upsets! Right from the comfort of your home, you’ll be able to remember these matches (and possibly awaken some grudges of the past…). 

Reminisce on how Ringwood Hawks achieved their three-peat in Championship Men’s, be reminded of when Wyndham’s Championship Women’s team took home their first title, and look back on how your Big V Player of the Decade nominees earned their place in the bracket this year. 


So how can I enjoy these throwbacks you ask? GOOD QUESTION! 

Every Wednesday night we will release the flashback match of the week here on our website for you to view the chosen streamed Grand Final throwback.

With a mix of men’s, women’s and divisions, you’re sure to get your Big V fix! 


Tipping us off will be the memorable buzzer beater finish between Championship Men’s McKinnon Cougars and Corio Bay Stingrays in Game One of their 2015 Grand Final series. Kale Harrison and Jason Reardon are just some of the memorable names you can expect to see! 

Tune in to the Big V website this Wednesday 17th June at 7pm and watch back on the glory days! 


Can’t get enough Big V? Read about our Male and Female Player of the Decade winners now! 


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