Finals Flashbacks 2019 SCM

Big V SCM Grand Final Game One McKinnon vs Hume City, 17 August 2019

Let’s take it back to not that long ago…

We’re sure this match in fresh in your minds, but there’s nothing better than reliving some of the best games of Big V.

Bring on the Finals Flashback of 2019 State Championship Men!

We head into Game One with the formidable McKinnon Cougars and the determined Hume City Broncos. Finishing third in the regular season, the Broncos were hosting the first placed favourites Cougars.

The Broncos journey to the Grand Final wasn’t an easy one, having lost their first game in the Semi Final to Hawthorn Magic, before winning two massive games on the road to take back their shot.

Cougars, on the other hand, had blazed through the 2019 season only dropping two wins. However, one of those losses had been to Hume City so tensions were raised and fans were ready for a spectacle. 

Both sides had powerful starting five lineups with names including a cavalcade of Big V superstars like Daniel Foster, Eric Williams, Jamal Shabazz, Adrian Tomada and Dillon Stith.

What happens next? You’ll have to watch and find out! 

Check out the stats from this match! 

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