Finals Flashbacks 2018 SCW

Big V SCW Grand Final Game One Southern Peninsula vs Sunbury, 25 August 2018

There was a definite buzz in the air for this 2018 match up, with a sold out  Hillview Stadium in Rosebud as the Southern Peninsula Sharks hosted the Sunbury Jets.

The upstart Sharks were heading in to their first ever State Championship grand final series, for both men or women.  They were young and energetic with an incredible appetite for intensity. Opposing them were the 2017 champions, a quality team full of vets and experience.

Sunbury’s start to the 2018 season was slower than most expected. The back end of the regular season saw them step up to the plate and bring it home in true Jets style, much to the efforts of Elyse Penaluna and mid-season addition Kerryn Harrington. With the possibility of a second straight championship, fans knew that if the Jets were to win Game One, they would more than likely take it all the way with a decisive Game Two victory back at home. 

No one was discrediting Southern Peninsula’s chance at making history though. They had barely scraped into the post-season but had determination like no other. With Jazmin Shelley leading the way, the Sharks were arguably the best defensive side in the competition and could pull anything out of the bag. 

Who gained the upper hand going into Game Two? Watch and find out now! 

Check out the stats from this match! 


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