Finals Flashbacks 2007 SCW

Big V SCW Grand Final Game Three Waverley vs Hume City, 2007

We’re going in a time machine this week, to a day that would become the first memory in a historic three-peat tale. 

It’s 2007… 13 years ago. Hume City Broncos and Waverley Falcons are stepping on court to end an already thrilling Championship Women’s Grand Final series. It’s one game a piece and this one will determine it all. 

Neither side had experienced a successful Grand Final Championship to date, so, no matter the end the result, everyone knew history would be made for at least one team. 

The game hosts some of the best of Big V basketball including Sharin Milner and Elyse Penaluna, who would both star in the WNBL. 

Were you at this game, or are you experiencing it for the first time now?

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