Competition Update from Round 2

Round 2 of the Big V 2021 season saw another 84 games take place right across Victoria, with all 10 of the Championship Games live-streamed. The league did experience some technical issues with our software platforms again, however, not to the level of the issues in Round 1. This is still not acceptable for our players, coaches, officials, fans and associations and we sincerely apologise for the short-term inconvenience.  

Each of the games that contained errors from Round 1 and the games that contained errors in Round 2 needed to be fixed, adjusted or in some cases a full statistical review and application from the beginning of the game. As of Wednesday (24/3/21) morning, of the collective 166 games across Big V, 22 games still required some action. A further 10 are expected to be completed today and the remaining 12 in time for the commencement of Round 3. 

Basketball Victoria appreciates the challenges this issue is causing to players, coaches, officials, administrators and fans alike. We are working with the relevant system providers to ensure the issues are rectified and resolved as soon as possible so the competition can proceed without continual issues. 

Last week our software providers completed a number of upgrades to the Stats program following feedback from our Statisticians after Round 1. This included a fault tracking system to assist in the further development of the platform after Round 2. 

The platform adjustments this week will include: 

  • a longer period of time for Statisticians to enter the game after it concludes to make adjustments,  
  • features to ensure the system is online and connected to the internet, and  
  • notifications to Statisticians if the system is waiting for something to happen. 

All of these features are designed to ensure greater connectivity and accuracy of data to ensure more statistics are available immediately online to fans, coaches and players. 

In addition to these upgrades to the Stats program, there has been additional adjustments to the website, including reversing the order of results so the latest games are listed at the top and making the transition between games in a single conference easier. 

We are aware that some games are still missing and that the League Leaders will continue to change as the final 22 games are inputted. We have also disabled the Ladder function until all games are recorded in the stats program. We will publish manual ladders for the meantime and activate the automated system as soon as we are comfortable it is right. Finally, we are aware that four game videos are missing from their respective Game Centres. These are due to YouTube copyright issues with music playing in the background. We are working to resolve this issue too. 

In closing, we would like to thank our Statisticians right across the state for their efforts in the first two rounds. We would also encourage all other members of the basketball community to understand that our Statisticians are working with a new system that has had some issues and had limited knowledge or time to adjust ahead of the season. We ask all involved in the game to be mindful of the stress the Statisticians are under right now when an issue has occurred and a report, statistic or normal function is not as it has been before. 

While we have expectations of a better functioning system this weekend, we appreciate your patience if errors occur on game day in the interim, and we will continue to work through fixing any issues that arise with Synergy Sports as soon as they arise. 

Thank you in advance. Bring on Round 3 and another 84 games of Big V Basketball. 

Kind regards,
Dean Anglin
General Manager – Leagues and Competitions


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