Competition Update from Round 1

Basketball Victoria is aware that the digital delivery of Round 1 of the 2021 Big V season was not adequate for the needs of our players, coaches, technical officials, and fans.

Over the weekend and in the hours since, we have been working with our partners to rectify the issues faced. As an organisation, we pride ourselves on producing high level competitions and delivering on the expectations of our members, regardless of the circumstances. While the COVID-19 pandemic significantly shortened the preparation time for the season, we acknowledge that our digital delivery during Round 1 was not acceptable for a league of the standard and with the rich history of Big V. I am exceptionally proud for the preparation work done by our staff in the lead up to the season, ensuring that all teams, players and officials were ready to take to the court, that all players were registered and that our Championship men’s and women’s teams were ready to begin Live Streaming all games from day 1. 


Unfortunately, the release of our new live statistics software and website integration were too late and did not allow for adequate training of all operators and testing of the systems themselves. As a League we put our people in a position they did not want to be in, and we apologise.  


Our statisticians are a proud group, and with limited time to prepare for a new program, and a program that was producing some technical issues, we under delivered to them. We thank the statisticians for providing a comprehensive list of issues faced across the weekend and as per below, these issues are being actioned as we work to improve their experience. 


The following is provided as a summary of the issues faced and the actions taken to ensure we deliver the league at a level above expectations. 


  • The transition to our new live stats program is a vital element of our competition framework. Not only does it provide statistical data to players and coaches during the games, the software is also powering our website and live streaming graphics. 
  • We continue to work with our partner to address concerns raised by the leagues statisticians. There are many levels of our league that require the vital data created by the stats teams and providing them with a program that meets their needs if our first priority. 

Incomplete Game Data 

  • The League, with the assistance of the clubs have collated a list of incorrect scores within the stats program using the scoresheets produced on game nights. 
  • We are in the process of completing or redoing the statistics for all of these games to reflect the events of the game. This process will take a few days as the games are completed off the videos provided, however we are confident that player stats will be accurate ahead of Round 2. 

Live Streaming and Stats online 

  • Basketball Victoria are aware that the website was not displaying the live game vision or data on Saturday night. This was rectified before Sunday’s games, and those games that had available vision or data were accessible.  
  • We have requested a number of adjustments to the website that we expect to be functioning ahead of Round 2. These include; 
    • Fixtures, Results and Watch to be separated onto individual pages 
    • Games to remain active on the fixtures pages until the Game Day is completed 
    • All games to display on the Results TAB when they are completed or the day after they were scheduled to play, regardless of whether the game has been finalised in Synergy Stats or not 
    • The addition of a Watch” page to make it easier to find available games  
    • Scrollers to be added to all Play-by-Play displays 
    • Game Centres to apply in a new browser window so you can see more than one game in a conference at the same time 
  • We are confident these changes will make the website more user friendly and deliver an enhanced user experience for Big V. This website will also be continually improved and built out over the coming weeks so it will incorporate historical data and eventually revert back to ASAP. 


Finally, to close on a positive, it was great to see teams back on the court after a 12-month hiatus. Teams competed in a total of 82 games across the weekend, with every Big V Championship Game Live Streamed for the first time. We are working hard to enhance the user experience for everyone connected to Big V and to rectify the issues faced in Round 1. We are positive that the improvements to Big V’s digital delivery will be noticeable and for the benefit of the league, the clubs, the players, the coaches, our technical staff, sponsors and of course the fans. 


Kind regards,
Dean Anglin
General Manager – Leagues and Competitions


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