Whittlesea rally for Ray Barbara

The Whittlesea Pacers have rallied in support of long time supporter of the Association Ray Barbara and are wanting your help to continue to contribute to the cause.

An amazing young lad by the name of Kobe Bodley decided to shave his head yesterday at our Whittlesea Family Day to raise funds for our amazing court announcer Ray Barbara who is currently battling a class 4 tumour which unfortunately is currently in his memory, speech and emotional part of his brain.

Kobe Bodley set up a “go fund me page” so he could raise money to buy Ray a platinum North Melbourne membership for next year, which he has succeeded in doing.  We have raised the goal now so we can purchase 2 platinum tickets and to purchase final tickets for his beloved Kangaroos for this season.

Good luck to Ray as we walk with him on his journey.

Thank you to everyone who have donated so far.  I’m sure we will achieve this new goal!


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