The Big V Podcast – Episode 8

The Big V Podcast returns with the April Player and Coach of the Month announced for each division!

The Big V Podcast returns for another week where we’re recapping an interesting Round 7, taking a look into this weekend’s fixtures and meeting up with the new Big V Communications Coordinator Laura Macintosh. 

Laura provides her early insight into life inside the Big V Community as well as what’s past, present and future. 

Big V Podcast – Episode 8

Round 7 Recap
YL2W (3:26)
YL2M (4:34)
YL1W (5:22)
YL1M (6:33)
VYCW (8:19)
VYCM (9:52)
D2W (11:27)
D2M (12:03)
D1W (13:14)
D1M (14:26)
CW (15:30)
CM (16:58)
Laura Macintosh Feature (18:20)
Jump On (28:36)
Take Notice (31:18)
No Thanks (33:08)
Round 8 Preview (35:15)

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