The Big V Podcast – Round 5

The boys are back in studio together and they speak about a range of topics including Body Language.

Another Big V Podcast gets released and in a very biased way (which we always are), we think this is our best one yet!

The Big V Podcast features two hosts back on deck this week as they go through a tantalising round four of hoops. 

Body Language is the second major topic of the season which we divulge continuing to educate the Big V Community. 

Big V Podcast Episode 5

Round 4 Recap
YL2W (3:00)
YL2M (4:07)
YL1W (4:55)
YL1M (6:25)
VYCW (8:00)
VYCW (9:38)
D2W (11:01)
D2M (11:56)
D1W (13:06)
D1M (13:49)
CW (15:32)
CM (17:46)
Educating Body Language (20:30)
Jump On (30:12)
Take Notice (33:14)
No Thanks (36:36)
Round 5 Preview (40:00)

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