Rolling Team of the Year – Round 16

Big V’s newest feature – the Rolling Team of the Year – sees an updated list of the top 12 men and women throughout the course of the season.

It’s been another week with a some moving and shaking within the Big V 2019 Rolling Team of the Year. However there are also some absolute locks after 16 rounds of basketball, who don’t look like moving anytime soon!

Men – Round 16


Troyce Manassa (Southern Peninsula D2M)

Last Game(s): 29pts, 11-23FG, 5reb, 4ast, 7stl & 37pts, 15-25FG, 16reb, 1ast, 2stl, 2blk

This is ‘King Manassa’s’ 15th time in the team, and he’s back up to start this week after being dropped to the bench for the first time last week. We knew he wouldn’t stay down for long!

Dylan Shorne (North East D2M)

Last Game: 31pts, 12-23FG, 24reb, 5ast, 2stl

This is Shorne’ third consecutive week in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year and second consecutive week starting – over the past two rounds he’s produced back-to-back 20+ double-doubles.

Xavier Johnson-Blount (Warrnambool D1M)

Last Game(s): 37pts, 11-20FG, 5reb, 5ast, 4stl & 39pts, 12-27FG, 8reb, 7ast, 3stl, 1blk

Johnson-Blount finds himself in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year for the sixth consecutive week – and on top of that it’s his fifth consecutive week being named to start. Averaging almost 40 points a game will yield that result!

Konor Kulas (Werribee CM)

Last Game(s): 46pts, 16-26FG, 10reb, 4ast, 3stl & 20pts, 3-12FG, 12reb, 2ast, 1blk

The man behind Werribee’s big run of form in the back end of the season, this is Kulas’ 14thtime in the Big V Rolling Team of the year, and third consecutive week being named to start.

Corey Standerfer (Chelsea CM)

Last Game: 26pts, 9-21FG, 12reb, 11ast, 2stl, 1blk

Massive back-to-back weeks not only earns Standerfer a second consecutive week in the team, but also a call up to start – not much to argue against a triple-double!


Steve Coffey (RMIT D2M)

Last Game(s): 17pts, 8-14FG, 11reb, 6ast, 2stl & 22pts, 9-16FG, 10reb, 5ast, 1stl

Once again it’s back-to-back double-doubles for Coffey – it’s enough to hold his spot in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year for another week!

Jake Heath (Blackburn CM)

Last Game: 32pts, 12-18FG, 2reb, 7ast, 1stl, 1blk

Heath is one of a few players who’s a bit unlucky not to be starting this week – in Round 16 he was just one assist off a 30+ point double-double – however the competition is elite and hence the selections are harsh!

Chauncey Orr (Bulleen D1M)

Last Game: 26pts, 7-14FG, 8reb, 6ast, 2stl, 1blk

Incredibly this is Orr’s 15th appearance in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year, however has broken his streak 15 consecutive appearances in the starting five, being dropped down to the bench – a bit unluckily – this week.

Dillon Stith (McKinnon CM)

Last Game: 22pts, 7-15FG, 11reb, 1ast, 3blk

This is Stith’s fourth consecutive week back in the team and he’s been a bit unlucky to be dropped back to the bench to be honest – such is life in an incredibly talented and competitive team!

Mike Anderson (Keilor CM)

Last Game: 28pts, 8-15FG, 8reb, 1ast, 2stl, 2blk

It’s Anderson’s 14th appearance in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year, and he’s another player unlucky not to have earnt the call up to start this week.

David Shepard (Werribee CM)

Last Game(s): 21pts, 8-15FG, 12reb, 5ast, 3stl & 26pts, 12-20FG, 5reb, 3ast, 3stl

Back-to-back solid all-round performances earns Shepard a spot on the bench again for the second week in a row.

Aaron Harrison (Latrobe City D1M)

Last Game(s): 40pts, 13-24FG, 6reb, 8ast, 3stl & 23pts, 6-18FG, 4reb, 4ast, 3stl

A huge weekend out earns Harrison a call up back into the Big V Rolling Team of the Year, after being dropped – somewhat unluckily – last week.


Trae Young (Corio Bay CM)

Last game: 20pts, 9-18FG, 4reb, 9ast, 3stl

Women – Round 16


Deslyn Applewhaite (Sherbrooke D2W)

Last Game: 24pts, 10-17FG, 14reb, 6ast, 4stl, 3blk

This is Applewhaite’s fifth consecutive week in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year, and after being a bit unlucky to miss out on a promotion last week, she earns a call up to start after an outstanding all-round game in Round 16

Nyesha Sims (Collingwood D2W)

Last Game(s): 26pts, 11-21FG, 7reb, 3ast, 2stl

It’s Sims’ 16th consecutive week in the team, keeping her season record unblemished; she’s the only Big V player – male or female – to have been named in the Rolling Team of the Year every week so far this season! After pushing for a promotion from the bench in recent weeks, she finally earns her call to start this week.

Rachel Bell (Whittlesea CW)

Last Game: 26pts, 11-30FG, 11reb

A solid double-double is enough for Bell to keep her spot this week – a pretty phenomenal effort on her part when the Pacers could only manage 37 points total in Round 16, and Bell shot 70% of them!

Alysha Lovett (Mildura D1W)

Last Game(s): 33pts, 14-31FG, 18reb, 2ast & 28pts, 10-17FG, 12reb, 7ast, 5stl

Just another week in the life of Alyesha Lovett…! There’s not much more we can say that we haven’t already said – what an absolute jet!

Erin Bollmann (Keilor CW)

Last Game: 21pts, 9-20FG, 15reb, 6ast, 1stl, 1blk

This is Bollmann’s 15th appearance in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year, and her second consecutive back starting. She put up similar numbers to last week in Round 16; a solid double-double on the back of a good all-round performance


Malika Jackson (Western Port D1W)

Last Game: 19pts, 8-21FG, 12reb, 7ast, 1blk

It’s Jackson’s third consecutive week back on the bench, putting up a solid double-double once again – imagine the stats if she shot at around 50%?!

Nyilah Jamison-Myers (Hawthorn D1W)

Last Game: 36pts, 15-20FG, 12reb, 1ast

A huge performance in Round 16 for Jamison-Myers earns her a call-up back into the Big V Rolling Team of the Year.

Darcy Saunders (Craigieburn D1W)

Last Game: 16pts, 6-21FG, 16reb, 2ast, 1stl

For her ninth consecutive week in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year Saunders is dropped to the bench – a tad unluckily – in favour of higher-scoring players.

Amanda Fioravanti (Latrobe City D1W)

Last Game: 23pts, 9-13FG, 8reb, 4ast, 2stl

It’s Fioravanti’s fifth consecutive appearance in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year. She’s yet another player who’s a bit unlucky with her position in the team this week however, having being dropped to the bench after starting the past two weeks.

BreAnna Brock (Hume City CW)

Last Game: 22pts, 6-13FG, 10reb, 2ast, 1stl

It’s Brock’s second consecutive week back in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year, and she’s another player with an excellent case for a spot in the starting five after Round 16.

Angela Lou Beadle (McKinnon CW)

Last Game: 26pts, 11-16FG, 17reb, 2ast, 2stl, 2blk

One of several players who has contributed to McKinnon’s incredible mid-season form turnaround, putting up consistent form week in, week out. A well-deserved first call up to the Big V Rolling Team of the Year for Beadle.

Jordan Reynolds (McKinnon CW)

Last Game: 13pts, 5-14FG, 15reb, 10ast, 7stl, 1blk

McKinnon’s season has turned around since their imports have arrived mid-season with Reynolds being one doing a lot of the damage – a triple-double two weeks in a row is more than enough to earn her a spot in the team!


Dani Reinwald (Whittlesea CW)

Last Game: DNP

Sarah Halejian (Casey CW)

Last Game: 13pts, 6-13FG, 4reb, 6ast, 2stl

Sammie Simmons (Mornington D2W)

Last Game: 15pts, 7-23FG, 11reb, 5ast, 4stl, 1blk

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