Rolling Team of the Year – Round 11

Big V’s newest feature the Rolling Team of the Year sees an updated list of the top 12 men and women throughout the course of the season.

Another number of movements when it comes to the Rolling Team of the Year! While at the same time, there are some absolute locks right now after ten rounds of Big V Basketball and they don’t look like moving anytime soon:

Men – Round 11


Chauncey Orr (Bulleen D1M)

Last Game: 35pts, 14-30FG, 7reb, 2ast, 2stl, 1blk

This week is Orr’s 10th appearance in the Rolling Team of the Year – all starting – and was back to his brilliant best. We’re now over halfway through the 2019 season and it’s hard to see him dropping out of the team any time soon.

Troyce Manassa (Southern Peninsula D2M)

Last Game(s): 31pts, 13-25FG, 10reb, 2ast, 2stl & 37pts, 14-24FG, 12reb, 8ast, 1stl, 1blk

Each week we don’t think he can get any better, and then, he does! Manassa shot a massive 68 points for the Sharks at an average of 55% in Round 11, to also confirm his 10th selection in the Rolling Team of the Year.

Mike Anderson (Keilor CM)

Last Game: 35pts, 9-20FG, 7reb, 8ast, 1stl, 1blk

Another player who’s up for his 10th appearance in the Big V Rolling Team of the Year, Anderson had another huge weekend, seeing him jump back up off the bench to start this week.

Steve Coffey (RMIT D2M)

Last Game(s): 25pts, 9-31FG, 15reb, 5ast, 2stl, 1blk & 27pts, 10-17FG, 6reb, 7ast, 2stl

Coffey put in two solid performances during Round 11 to not only net a combined 52 points for the Redbacks, but secure his third consecutive start in the Rolling Team of the Year.

Dillon Stith (McKinnon CM)

Last Game: 35pts, 12-18FG, 14reb, 6ast, 1stl

It didn’t take Stith long to get back to starting, after being dropped two weeks ago due to not playing in Round 9.


Jake Heath (Blackburn CM)

Last Game: 23pts, 7-18FG, 3reb, 7ast, 1stl

A solid performance from Heath this week, but not outstanding by his own lofty standards. Easily holds his spot, but will need to up the stakes if he wants to get back to starting.

Eric Williams (McKinnon CM)

Last Game: 18pts, 5-13FG, 14reb, 7ast, 1blk

Not as good a performance as last week by Williams, but his body of work throughout the season so far is enough to see him hold his spot.

Trae Young (Corio Bay CM)

Last Game(s): 22pts, 10-20FG, 3reb, 9ast, 2stl & 30pts, 13-20FG, 10reb, 7ast

Another two games in Round 11 for Young and two consistent performances sees his cement his spot on the bench this week.

Jacob Thom (Warrandyte D1M)

Last Game(s): 5pts, 6-17FG, 15reb, 3ast, 6stl & 12pts, 5-13FG, 3reb, 5ast, 1stl

Thom makes it five in a row in the Rolling Team of the Year – far from his lofty best, but we like enough of what we’ve seen so far this season to see him keep his spot.

Xavier Johnson-Blount (Warrnambool D1M)

Last Game: 18pts, 8-26FG, 8reb, 3stl

A considerably quieter week for Johnson-Blount this round sees him drop from starting to the bench this week.

Konor Kulas (Werribee CM)

Last Game: 26pts, 10-16FG, 15reb, 3ast, 3stl, 1blk

This is Kulas’ eighth appearance in the Rolling Team of the Year and he’s a bit unlucky to be dropped down from starting this week, but such is life when the competition is hot!

Ishmael Sanders (Sunbury D1M)

Last Game: 35pts, 12-27FG, 7reb, 2ast, 3stl, 1blk

A solid month of basketball plus a blinder on the weekend sees Sanders break into the Rolling Team of the Year after Round 11.


Kraig Shields (Sherbrooke D2M)

Last game: 14pts, 5-14FG, 11reb, 1blk

Women – Round 11


Erin Bollmann (Keilor CW)

Last Game: 28pts, 12-23FG, 7reb, 4stl

An improved week-on-week performance from Bollmann sees her keep her spot in the starting five for the ninth time this season, despite a loss for Keilor in Round 11.

Deslyn Applewhaite (Sherbrooke D2W)

Last Game: 28pts, 10-21FG, 12reb, 2ast, 1stl

Another impressive from Applewhaite over the weekend sees her jump up to start in the Rolling Team of the Year after Round 11.

Dani Reinwald (Whittlesea CW)

Last Game(s): 17pts, 6-14FG, 23reb, 4ast, 2stl, 1blk & 15pts, 7-20FG, 13reb, 1ast, 1stl, 1blk

She was less impressive on the scoreboard this week, however those rebound numbers are to die for! This is Reinwald’s eighth appearance in the Rolling Team of the Year and third consecutive time starting.

Alysha Lovett (Mildura D1W)

Last Game: 23pts, 11-27FG, 13reb, 6ast, 2stl

Far from her incredible best, but when the above stats are a ‘below average’ performance, it’s hard not to keep your spot isn’t it?!

Alisia Jenkins (Werribee CW)

Last Game(s): 31pts, 11-20FG, 12reb, 3ast, 1stl, 1blk & 25pts, 8-14FG, 15reb, 1blk

Arguably the form player of the Big V women’s comp right now, there’s no question about why Jenkins is keeping her spot.


Malika Jackson (Western Port D1W)

Last Game: 22pts, 10-17FG, 14reb, 2ast, 3stl

She may have struggled with her consistency at times, but not this week – that’s exactly what sees Jackson hold her spot after Round 11!

Nyilah Jamison-Myers (Hawthorn D1W)

Last Game: 20pts, 8-20FG, 9reb, 2ast, 2stl, 4blk

Consistency sees Jamison-Myers hold her spot in the Rolling Team of the Year for the fifth consecutive week.

BreAnna Brock (Hume City CW)

Last Game: 20pts, 9-17FG, 19reb, 5ast, 4blk

Solid form sees Brock hold her spot on the bench for another week, after being dropped altogether following a poor performance in Round 9.

Nyesha Sims (Collingwood D2W)

Last Game: 16pts, 6-18FG, 15reb, 4ast, 3stl

Not quite as good as last week – Sims would probably want to pick up her form if she wants to stay on the team next week.

Sarah Halejian (Casey CW)

Last Game: 11pts, 4-17FG, 3reb, 5ast, 4stl

Halejian is dropped to the bench for the second time in three weeks, after a loss for Casey on the weekend and a less-than-ideal performance from herself.

Darcy Saunders (Craigieburn D1W)

Last Game: 20pts, 9-22FG, 7reb, 7ast, 3stl, 1blk

For her fourth week in the Rolling Team of the Year it was a solid performance from Saunders – more consistent than her last, but still not necessarily her best.

Rachel Bell (Whittlesea CW)

Last Game(s): 41pts, 17-35FG, 8reb, 3ast, 1stl, 2blk & 30pts, 12-39FG, 5reb, 3ast, 1stl

A huge weekend for Bell off the back of some solid form as of late, earns her a call up to the Rolling Team of the Year for Round 11.


Courtney Duever (Sunbury CW)

Last Game: 8pts, 3-8FG, 8reb, 3ast, 1stl

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