Rachael Wansbrough chalks up 250 games

Congratulations Rachael Wansbrough (Venom Division 1 Women) who plays her 250th Big V game at home against Whittlesea on Saturday night.

Rachael could be classed as a veteran in this league after playing in all division over her career so far.


Wansbrough started her career as a young 16-year-old at Mornington breakers in 2007 were she stayed for five years and earn several accolades including MVP and leading rebounder and scorer on several occasions. She has won two championships in Division 1 in 2013 with Warrandyte and again in 2017 with Chelsea.


Now back at the Venom under her first Big V coach Warren Heigh; Wansbrough has proved that she can still mix it in this league.


“I’ve had the pleasure to be involved in several of  Rach’s milestones over the years including her 1st game her 100th and now her 250th game. Rach just has this calm about her and doesn’t get too fazed about much, she just wants to put in 100% all the time. I remember a game in her 1st or 2nd year playing Melton in Division 2 were Rach smashed current records in that division, we knew she was having a good game but after the final siren and checking stats we were astonished at her results with an outstanding 37 points and 35 rebounds she just got on with the job without any fanfare that’s the type of player Rach is.” Coach Heigh said.


Justin Nelson recruited Wansbrough and in 2013 under his guidance improved her defensive game which helped take the team to a championship.


Justin had this to say;

“Congratulations Rach, you are a star of the Big V and thoroughly deserve all the accolades that come with this fantastic milestone. You hold a very rare attribute of having played successfully across all senior divisions in the league, with many finals appearances and some championships. I’m extremely lucky to have had you with me for many of your games, including a title at Warrandyte in 2013. Thank you for being a great listener, a determined athlete and an incredibly dedicated person. Enjoy the milestone, I have no doubt that 300 games is well within your sights.”


The WBA community and all of the Big V Division 1 players and staff which to congratulate Rachael on this great milestone of 250 games.

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