Jodie Ferguson notches 200 games at The Nest

Congratulations are in order to Chelsea’s Jodie Ferguson who this weekend will play in Big V game number 200.

Sometimes with all the razzle and dazzle going on in the League, we can easily forget the players who without much fanfare just get the job done week in week out, season after season.

In regard to Jodie Ferguson, this has been the case and her loyalty for the Gulls has paid off with 200 Big V games this Saturday.

“Jodie has come through from u12s, like Kate Miller (178 games) & Kelly Gardiner (over 100 games), Jodie now plays 200 games this Saturday in a way that only is best described as loyalty personified,” Chelsea stadium manager Peter Caspersz explained.

“Jodie also coaches our U12(1) girls junior rep team and has been a junior coach for many years at the Nest and since coming into U16s Jodie started playing with our Women’s team and her first game was at the old Bonbeach stadium so it’s ironic that she play’s her 200th at the same venue (normally played at Patterson River Stadium). Season after season Jodie turns up for try outs, gets picked in the team and then just goes about her business of being  a team mate first and worrying about her role second, tough and tenacious she just keeps on keeping on and her deadly 3 point shot has always been a delight to see. I am so proud of Jodie and had the chance to coach her in U18s and she was one of the hardest workers you could ever find and now seeing her playing her 200th is a true indication of her grit & determination”

Please join the Gulls in congratulating Jodie on her fantastic achievement when the Division One Women’s team suit up against the Whittlesea Pacers at 6pm on Saturday night at Bonbeach Stadium.

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