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What is the dress code for team officials?

All team staff shall be required to dress in a way that clearly distinguishes them as part of the team and from other game night staff. Individuals should be recognisable as much for how they appear as what they wear.

The best description of the standard for non-playing staff would be business casual. The best description for playing staff would be playing uniform.

The practical implications of this are:

Coaches and Officials:

Coaches must wear a collared shirt. If this is a polo shirt then it must be a club branded polo. During cold weather it is understandable that this will be covered by a jacket of some type, and the jacket must be either a club tracksuit jacket or other jack that fits the general description of business casual wear.

Denim, shorts or tracksuit pants are not acceptable for Coaches and their Assistants.

Shoes must be clean and tidy. Basketball shoes or other runners are not acceptable.

Team Managers:

Recognising that Team Managers have differing responsibilities this standard can be modified slightly.

A team manager may wear a club tracksuit provided it is the same colour as the warm up tracksuit for the players and that it is a full tracksuit, matching top and bottom. The tracksuit top must carry club branding.

If the Team Manager is wearing a tracksuit, then runners are permissible.

Obviously in warmer weather a tracksuit bottom and club polo shirt are suitable.

Other Team Staff:

Other team staff, physiotherapists, doctors etc must comply with the standard for Coaches. Any non-playing individuals wishing to be part of the team bench must dress to these standards. If they do not, they should be seated as spectators, not as part of the team.

Squad Players:

Squad players not participating in the game may suit with the team provided they are dressed to the same standard as the Coaching staff or in a full team tracksuit as per the team manager. If they are not dressed to this standard, they should be spectators.


The league shall fine a club $50.00 per person for any breach of these standards.

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