Familiar face returns to Western Port

The Western Port Steelers are thrilled to announce that a former star will make their return in season 2019.

The Western Port Steelers Basketball Club is pleased to announce the signing of Big V Women’s champion, Malika Jackson. Malika has signed with the Steelers for the 2019 season, eager to find a home back at the club where she started her Big V career and committing her efforts to being a key to helping rebuild the women’s program at the club.

With recently signed coach, Warren Heigh at the helm, Malika is confident that the team can find its way to once again become a tough competitor at a high level in the competition. Already having secured the services of Rachel Wansborough, coach Warren Heigh is very happy with the news that Malika has agreed to join his squad. This gives Western Port added strength to what seems to be shaping up to look like a strong Women’s team.

Malika is already making plans for her return and is very keen to get back out on the court where she is most at home. During discussions with Western Port President, George Yerondais concluding her agreement to re join the club, Malika has quoted, “I am excited about the opportunity at Western Port. It was an honour to know that I am welcomed back to the club. Western Port is where I started my journey down under.”

Asked why she has chosen Western Port as her new home and about her new role there, Malika stated, “My role back at the club is to give back to the youth as much as possible. I aim to feed them the coaching knowledge I have from club, high school, and college basketball. My second role is to make sure I lead by example on and off the court for the club. Making sure myself and the senior women’s team are giving it all we got every game for the club and become role models for the upcoming youth. Everyday just getting the club to take some type of positive step, every day.”

Asked what the league can expect from Malika Jackson in 2019, Malika mentioned, “For 2019 Western Port and the league will see a smarter and hungrier basketball player. Humble and a hard worker that hopes to take WP all the way to finals.”

There is a lot to look forward to for the humble little club down Western Port way. They have a new four court stadium due for completion and to be used as their new home, a Big V Men’s program that is going from strength to strength and shaping up to be a real contender for the Div 1 championship and a great start to rebuilding a strong women’s program and teams. We hope to see great things at Western Port in 2019. The club president has stated that, “We are very excited about Malika choosing to come back to us and the prospect of our women’s program following a similar path to what Luke has done with the men’s. This is now much more realistic with Malika coming on board. With the signing of a new women’s coach and players already, the rebuild at Western Port for our women is well underway. We see Malika as someone who is a good fit for us as she is so willing to pass on her knowledge and training to our juniors and youth teams. Malika is already a well-respected and popular person with the people at our club. We can’t wait to have her back with us.”

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