Coach & Player of the Month – May

Congratulations to the following members of the Big V who had absolutely outstanding performances throughout the month May.

Congratulations to the 24 individuals who have been awarded as Big V Player and Coach of the Month for May! It’s great to see personnel from 19 different associations being acknowledged this month.

Championship Men

W-L: 4-1

With no Champ Men’s team going undefeated through May this was a tight race, but Casey’s wins over Keilor (by 19), ladder-leaders McKinnon (by 2), Blackburn (by 27) and Chelsea (by 23), plus only going down to Hume City by a meagre two points, earned Loh the title of Coach of the Month for May.

5 games, 33ppg, 13rpg, 3.4apg, 1.4spg, 0.6bpg, 68%FG

It was an outstanding month of May for Kulas, highlighted by Werribee’s thrilling one-point win over Blackburn in Round 8, where he shot 41 points at 76%, and notched up 13 blocks – just another day at the office for Kulas!

Championship Women

W-L: 4-0

Werribee are clearly the form team of the competition, going undefeated in May with wins over McKinnon (by 12), Whittlesea (by 47), Hume City (by 17) and Casey (by 9). To date they have only lost one game so far this season, so this is a well-deserved crown for Potter as coach of the ladder leaders.

4 games, 27.5ppg, 14rpg, 2.6apg, 2.8spg, 63%FG

Not only is Werribee the form team of the competition, but arguably Jenkins is the form player of the entire women’s comp. Her highlight performance during may was when she took to the court against Whittlesea, where, despite it being the least amount of time she spent on court for the entire month – 27 minutes – she netted a handy 35 points at an incredible 83%.

Division One Men

W-L: 6-0

Going undefeated for a month is pretty impressive, especially when you’ve played six games! Wins in May over Bellarine (by 48), Western Port (by 22), Melbourne Uni (by 26), Coburg (by 10), Latrobe City (by 6) and Keysborough (by 12) leave Sunbury as the undisputed form team of the division at the moment, and Addison as the well-deserved Coach of the Month.

6 games, 31.7ppg, 4.5rpg, 4.2apg, 1.3spg, 0.3bpg, 52%FG

There were a lot of high-scoring imports joining the Division One Men’s comp in May, but that didn’t faze Sanders who kept up his consistent form he’s shown throughout the season to date. His highlight performance in May was 38 points against Coburg, shooting at 52%.

Division One Women

W-L: 4-1 (plus 1 match abandoned)

It’s been a case of deja vu in May, with Madigan again being named Coach of the Month for Division One Women. Unfortunately the leaking roof at Warrandyte Sports Complex potentially prevented Mildura from having an even more flattering record for the month, but wins over Bellarine (by 12), Hawthorn (by 5), Camberwell (by 40) and Craigieburn (by 19) see them remain atop the table and Madigan earn Coach of the Month honours for May.

5 games (plus 1 abandoned), 31.6ppg, 15rpg, 5apg, 2.2spg, 0.2bpg, 51%FG

Lovett has to be the undisputed form player of the Division One Women’s comp, and near unbackable for this year’s MVP. Her performance of the month during May was when she shot 39 points at 54% in Mildura’s tight five-point victory over Hawthorn.

Division Two Men

W-L: 4-1

He may play as well as coach, but this month we’re recognising Jeffers as Division Two Men’s Coach of the Month, after an outstanding month of May by Camberwell. The D2M comp is a close one in 2019, so wins of Maccabi (by 41), Southern Peninsula (by 28), Melton (by 8) and Altona (by 2) have been crucial for the Dragons as they look towards Finals.

5 games, 28.8ppg, 8.8rpg, 5.4apg, 3.4spg, 57%FG

After joining Big V in April, Coffey has had a breakout May, helping the Redbacks climb the table and make a serious case for Finals. Coffey dominated against North East in Round 9, shooting 37 points at a touch under 60%.

Division Two Women

W-L: 4-0

An undefeated month of May sees Melbourne Uni’s Bernard take the coaching honours for the month, as the Black Angels climbed from fourth to second on the table. Wins over Coburg (by 7), North East (by 20), Sherbrooke (by 14) and Blackburn (by 10) were all crucial heading towards Finals.

4 games, 26.5ppg, 13.5rpg, 2apg, 3.25spg, 1.75bpg, 49%FG

Another stellar month from Applewhaite sees her earn Player of the Month honours for the second consecutive time. Whilst her average shooting percentage is perhaps a touch low, she is arguable the standout player of the division, and looking good for D2W MVP come the end of the season.

Victorian Youth Championship Men

W-L: 4-0

In a hotly-contested VYCM competition, going undefeated for a month is a significant achievement, hence why Stratford earn’s Coach of the Month honours for May. His Eltham charges recorded wins over Knox (by 3), Nunawading (by 20), McKinnon (by 20) and Waverley (by 14) during the month of May, and they sit atop the Watson conference with a healthy percentage of 128.57.

4 games, 22.75ppg, 5rpg, 3.75apg, 0.25spg, 0.25bpg, 73%FG

In a really tight VYCM competition it was Rosendale’s superior shooting average and points per game that earned him Player of the Month honours for May. His best performance for the month was against the Vikings when he shot 36 points at a whopping 78%.

Victorian Youth Championship Women

W-L: 4-0

In a hotly-contested race for the VYCW May Coach of the Month, Dandenong’s Brookens came out on top, with his side the only one to leave May undefeated. Wins over Diamond Valley (by 36), Bulleen (by 79), Nunawading (by 1) and Ringwood (by 17) were all crucial, with the latter two in particular standing out as potential season-defining wins.

5 games, 15.6ppg, 8rpg, 3.4apg, 8,4spg, 36%FG

An absolute master on the defensive end, Bransden locked in and did it at both ends to secure the VYCW Player of the Month for May. Edging out Nyakoang Lok from the Falcons, Bransden averaged a huge 8.4 steals per contest.

Youth League One Men

W-L: 5-0

The Mining boom continues in Ballarat, with the team not only going undefeated in May, but continuing on their unbeaten run for the entire season to date. Wins over Hume City (by 24), Bendigo (by 30), Warrandyte (by 10), Sunbury (by 38) and Camberwell (by 12) continued the Miners perfect run, and earned Knaggs back-to-back Coach of the Month honours.

4 games, 19.5ppg, 12.5rpg, 1.3apg, 2.8bpg, 59%FG

Knocking off two Geelong counterparts in Wang Nyieth and Josiah King, Kearing started May off slow but then caught fire as the month wore on.  A two-week stint saw Kearing in the limelight, notching 24 points, 19 rebounds and four rebounds against Altona before exploding for 33 points and 18 rebounds (seven offensive) against Geelong. 

Youth League One Women

W-L: 5-0

An undefeated month of May from the Cavs saw Rooff sneak past Cara Jeffers and the crew at Camberwell – who went 4-1 – for Coach of the Month honours. Casey recorded wins over Eltham (by 7), Geelong (by 34), Craigieburn (by 13) and Warrandyte (by 18), but it was the nine-point victory over Camberwell that was not only the highlight of the month, but also edged them over the Dragons into top spot. 

4 games, 15.3ppg, 19.8rpg, 1.8spg, 1.8bpg, 41%FG

Vuillermin has carved up the month of May with the focal point being on the glass. An outstanding four game patch for Vuillermin unfortunately hasn’t eventuated into team success, however she has been dominating the rebounding advantage, collecting an average of nearly 20 boards a game. Her biggest outing in May was against the Warrandyte Venom, when she posted a whopping 18 points and 28 rebounds, including a steal and two blocks.

Youth League Two Men

W-L: 4-0

Wright just knocked off Craigieburn’s Tom Carroll for May Coach of the Month honours, after both coach’s charges secured undefeated months. An excellent four-point win over top of the table Pakenham, plus fellow top six clubs Collingwood (by 3) and Maccabi (by 10) capped off a great month. 

6 games, 14.8ppg, 14.2rpg, 1.8apg, 51%FG

Berkec just tipped out two other YL2M stars in a hotly-contested race for the Player of the Month for May. Teammate Ned Weideman and All Star Athiaan Manyiel just fell short of the award as Berkec put together a couple of monster games to claim top dog. He had a big game against Coburg – consisting of 30 points on 13-15FG shooting to go along with 21 rebounds, including seven offensive – and the week prior he tallied 17 points and 16 rebounds, plus 17 points and 14 rebounds (on a back-to-back).

Youth League Two Women

W-L: 4-0

Wins over Blackburn (by 46), Collingwood (by 16), Coburg (by 48) and Mornington (by 73) capped off a massive month for the girls from Frankston, and earned Carpenter back-to-back Coach of the Month honours. With form like this the Blues are once again looking favourite to contend for a Championship.

4 games, 19ppg, 16.3rpg, 1.5apg, 1.3spg, 4bpg, 51%FG

It was a cracking month of May for Wynd, highlighted by a huge performance against Mornington, where she polled 32 points, 24 rebounds and 7 seven blocks. Interestingly in that same game, Wynd attempted her first three-pointer for the season (missing unfortunately) – a sign that she is perhaps trying to expand her game?!

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