Latrobe City tryouts announced

The Latrobe City Energy have released tryout information in regards to their senior women’s team for 2019.

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RMIT to host inaugural Big V tryouts

The RMIT Redbacks are hosting their inaugural Big V tryouts over the coming week starting this Tuesday night!

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Corio Bay announce tryout details

The Corio Bay Stingrays have announced information in relation to tryouts for 2019 Big V squads.

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Whittlesea Pacers release tryout dates

The Whittlesea Pacers have announced dates for their tryouts for selected 2019 Big V squads.

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Steelers holding Division One Men’s tryouts

western port

The Western Port Basketball Association will hold tryouts for their 2019 Division One Men’s team shortly.

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Updated: Warrandyte announce 2019 tryout info


The Warrandyte Basketball Association have released full information regarding their Big V teams tryout dates and times.

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Werribee hosting Youth Men tryouts

The Werribee Basketball Association have announced information surrounding their Youth Men tryouts for 2019.

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Sharks announce men’s tryouts

The Southern Peninsula Sharks have released information surrounding tryouts for their 2019 Big V men’s team.

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Blackburn Vikings tryout information

The Blackburn Vikings are pleased to announce Try Outs for the 2019 Big V Season.

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Southern Sabres 2019 Youth tryouts announced

The Southern Sabres have announced their 2019 Big V Youth League tryout information, set to take place in Novemeber.

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