Blue Carpet – Finals Sep 1 & 2

The Blue Carpet depicts the best twelve male and best twelve female players who had impressive statistical games over the past weekend!


Matt Fennell (Ringwood SCM) – 12pts, 15rbs, 4ast, 2blk and 20pts, 17rbs, 4ast, 3stl

Jacob Gibson (Ringwood SCM) – 18pts, 3rbs, 2ast, 2 treys and 22pts, 3rbs, 4ast, 3stl, 2 treys

Scott Stone (Ringwood SCM) – 15pts, 6rbs, 3ast, 2stl, 2 treys and 32pts, 3rbs, 2ast, 7 treys

Joshua Sykes (Eltham SCM) – 24pts, 14rbs, 4ast, 2blk

Ben Waldren (Eltham SCM) – 21pts, 1ast, 1blk, 3 treys and 23pts, 5ast, 2stl, 2 treys

Corey Standerfer (Chelsea D1M) – 26pts, 11rbs, 5ast, 5blk, 3 treys

Matt Brasser (Chelsea D1M) – 14pts, 10rbs, 4ast, 3stl, 3 treys

Spencer Coleman (Shepparton D1M) – 25pts, 11rbs, 1blk

Calvin Henry (Mildura D2M) – 20pts, 14rbs, 7ast, 4blk



Orla O’Reilly (Sunbury SCW) – 22pts, 3rbs, 4ast, 2 treys

Kerryn Harrington (Sunbury SCW) – 21pts, 9rbs, 2 treys

Peyton Little (Sth Peninsula SCW) – 26pts, 10rbs, 3 treys

Tanarly Hood (Casey D1W) – 20pts, 5rbs, 5ast, 2 treys and 14pts, 7rbs, 5ast

Amy Wormald (Warrnambool D1W) – 20pts, 21rbs and 9pts, 11rbs

Hollie Greene (Warrnambool D1W) – 22pts, 3rbs, 5ast, 3stl, 2 treys and 18pts, 6rbs, 3ast

Alana Strom (Warrnambool D1W) – 20pts, 12rbs, 2stl and 11pts, 12rbs

Katie O’Keefe (Warrnambool D1W) – 21pts, 8rbs, 5ast, 2blk, 2 treys

Andrea Belmonte (Blackburn D2W) – 18pts, 11rbs, 4ast, 3 treys and 13pts, 9rbs

Tess Young (Casey YL2W) – 15pts, 17rbs, 4ast

Bec Peacock (Casey YL2W) – 23pts, 4rbs, 4ast

Lauren Tuplin (Casey YL2W) – 22pts, 2rbs, 3ast, 5stl, 2 treys

Kassie Boorer (Frankston YL2W) – 19pts, 10rbs, 1blk

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