Blue Carpet – Round 15

The Blue Carpet depicts the best twelve male and best twelve female players who had impressive statistical games over the past weekend!


Manny Hendrix (Collingwood D1M) – 52pts, 3rbs, 2ast, 2stl, 6 treys and 19pts, 4rbs, 5ast, 3stl, 5 treys

Dom Bruno (Whittlesea D1M) – 32pts, 5rbs, 3ast, 3 treys

Mitch Riggs (Chelsea D1M) – 30pts, 7rbs, 3ast, 5 treys

Nick Spicer (Sherbrooke D2M) – 27pts, 12rbs, 4ast, 6 treys

Raheem Lemons (Casey SCM) – 24pts, 8rbs, 4ast, 2blk and 23pts, 8rbs, 4ast

Jordan Geer (McKinnon VYCM) – 28pts, 8rbs, 7ast, 2stl, 5 treys

Alistair Parker (Sherbrooke VYCM) – 34pts, 13rbs, 6ast, 2stl, 1blk

Aaron Frost (Chelsea YL2M) – 26pts, 23rbs, 2blk, 2 treys and 19pts, 15rbs, 3 treys

Ned Weideman (Pakenham YL2M) – 44pts, 10rbs, 2ast, 1blk, 5 treys

Luke Helbig (Western Port YL2M) – 26pts, 18rbs, 2stl

Justin Aver (Eltham SCM) – 26pts, 4rbs, 6ast, 2stl, 4 treys in 24min

Jordan Coleman (Keilor SCM) – 29pts, 15rbs, 3stl





Alexis Gassion (Mildura D1W) – 39pts, 18rbs, 6ast, 5stl and 31pts, 8rbs, 2ast, 2stl

Raynisha Washington (Chelsea D1W) – 25pts, 6rbs, 3stl and 27pts, 9rbs, 2ast

Saule Kontautaite (Coburg D2W) – 33pts, 8rbs, 4stl, 9 treys

Allison Marsh (Geelong YL1W) – 21pts, 20rbs, 2blk

Sarah Thomson (Pakenham YL2W) – 27pts, 18rbs, 3stl, 2blk in 20min

Sophie Byrnes (Hume City SCW) – 23pts, 6rbs, 9ast, 5stl, 2 treys

Rachael Wansbrough (Warrandyte D1W) – 14pts, 10rbs and 11pts, 20rbs, 3stl, 3blk

Casey Valenti-Paea (Craigieburn YL1W) – 14pts, 14rbs, 6ast, 9stl, 1blk

Rachael Watson (Ringwood VYCW) – 17pts, 17rbs, 3blk and 12pts, 17rbs, 3blk

Laura Taylor (Ballarat VYCW) – 17pts, 14rbs, 8ast, 3stl, 2blk and 23pts, 9rbs, 3stl, 3 treys

Amy Wormald (Warrnambool D1W) – 28pts, 13rbs, 3ast, 2blk

Nicole Zammit (Hume City SCW) – 18pts, 12rbs, 7ast, 2stl, 2 treys

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