2018 Statistical Award Winners Announced

The top scorers, rebounders and golden hands recipients from season 2018 have been announced and it’s now time to highlight these individuals at the Big V Awards Night on September 22.

Congratulations are in order to the following members of our Big V Community for excelling in their field throughout season 2018 and taking home one of the Statistical Awards set out for 2018.

These members will be recognised be presented with awards on Big V Awards Night, held on the the 22nd of September 2018 at the Melbourne Pavilion.

Tickets are now available to purchase here!

State Championship Men

Leading Scorer: Konor Kulas (Werribee) 24.2ppg

Leading Rebounder: Trevon Clayton (Hume City) 12.6rpg

Golden Hands: Matthew Snow (Ringwood) 6.1pg

State Championship Women

Leading Scorer: Cassidy Mihalko (Ringwood) 19.9ppg

Leading Rebounder: Jasmine Hines (Bulleen) 12.2rpg

Golden Hands: Jaz Shelley (Southern Peninsula) 5.3pg

Division One Men

Leading Scorer: Dylan Travis (Western Port) 30.5ppg

Leading Rebounder: Spencer Coleman (Shepparton) 13.2rpg

Golden Hands: Brenton Charles (Warrandyte) 5.4pg

Division One Women

Leading Scorer: Vanessa Power (Mildura) 22.6ppg

Leading Rebounder: Alexis Gassion (Mildura) 14.8rpg

Golden Hands: Tess Feery (Geelong) 5.4pg

Division Two Men

Leading Scorer: Calvin Henry (Mildura) 21.5ppg

Leading Rebounder: Colin Voss (Southern Peninsula) 12.9rpg

Golden Hands: David Meyer (Mildura) 5.5pg

Division Two Women

Leading Scorer: Jada Buggs (Collingwood) 20.7ppg

Leading Rebounder: Jada Buggs (Collingwood) 15.4rpg

Golden Hands: Andrea Belmonte (Blackburn)/Rebecca Marshall (Melton)/Melisaa Hewitt (Mornington) 3pg

Molten Victorian Youth Championship Men

Leading Scorer: Mitchell Dielemans (Kilsyth) 21.1ppg

Leading Rebounder: Daniel Kinkela (Melbourne) 10.7rpg

Golden Hands: Tommy Williams (Blackburn) 3.3pg

Molten Victorian Youth Championship Women

Leading Scorer: Danielle O’Toole (Bendigo) 17.5ppg

Leading Rebounder: Eliana Bravington (Knox) 14.1rpg

Golden Hands: Chloe Hicks (Sandringham) 4.8pg

Youth League One Men

Leading Scorer: Jarrod Molnar (Warrandyte) 21.1ppg

Leading Rebounder: Aaron Ruiz (Corio Bay) 13rpg

Golden Hands: Nathan Marshall (Sunbury) 5.1pg

Youth League One Women

Leading Scorer: Teagan Tatlock (Corio Bay) 26.1ppg

Leading Rebounder: Carly Vuillermin (Corio Bay) 14.9rpg

Golden Hands: Teagan Tatlock (Corio Bay) 3.7pg

Youth League Two Men

Leading Scorer: Bol Bak (Melton) 22ppg

Leading Rebounder: Bradley Watson (Latrobe City) 11.5rpg

Golden Hands: Alexander Cocco (Collingwood) 5.4pg

Youth League Two Women

Leading Scorer: Lauren Tuplin (Casey) 19.4ppg

Leading Rebounder: Hailey Wynd (Whittlesea) 13.6rpg

Golden Hands: Ellie Coutts (Pakenham) 6.2pg

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